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Rising Sun 8th Class

Imperial Japan Order of the Rising Sun 8th class medal, in WW2 & post War case, also awarded to veterans after war. In nice clean condition, solid silver.

Code: 50281

40.00 GBP

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DVD History

Samurai and the Swastika, prity much what it says the true story behind the hidden pact. The untold story of the alliance between Japan and Germany.

Code: 50280

5.00 GBP

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DVD Film twin set

Letters from IWO JIMA and Flags of our Fathers, both films by Clint Eastwood. Two fabulous film about the battle of Iwo Jima, from both sides. A must see can almost guarantee you will watch these films several times, well i have and still do, my recommended modern film.

Code: 50279

10.00 GBP

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Samurai Fan, Tessen

Japanese Samurai Tessen - War fan, made from bamboo and rise paper original Edo period or older.
In great condition for age, no rips or tears.

Code: 50278

270.00 GBP

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Officers Sword Tassel

Imperial Japanese Company Officers Sword Tassel for the rank of Lieutenant to Captain, blue & brown in A1 condition.

Code: 50277


Naval Hat Tally

Imperial Japanese Naval Sailors Hat Talley, in purple with gold printed kanji - IZUMO CRUISER IMPERIAL JAPANESE NAVY. Included is info on Ship, can not guarantee this is original and not a souvenir came from marine store.

Code: 50276

55.00 GBP

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Book - Imperial Japan

The Rise and Fall of Imperial Japan 1894- 1945, by S.L. Mayer - is the tragic and noble history of a gallant people led into a misguided war. The millions who Suffered in Asia and the Pacific in the wake of the Japanese war machine. GOOD INFORMATIVE BOOK, OVER 300 ILLISTRATIONS.

Code: 50275

10.00 GBP

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Imperial Japanese Army KYU GUN-TO Officers sword

Very rare type 19 Company Officers sabre, nickel plated scabbard with leather field cover. Cavalry officers late 19th century, used in the Rosso and Manchuria Wars. Hand finished and fitted blade with matching numbers European style set up. Later favoured with Artillery Officers.

Code: 50029

995.00 GBP

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Hata /Flag good luck

Imperial Japanese Army soldiers Hata / Good Luck Flag, battle field damage, look at pictures. W82x72cm cotton with leather reinforced corners.

Code: 50274

210.00 GBP

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NCO Sword

Imperial Japanese Army Non commissioned officers factory made sword. This one actually has an edge, sharp.

Code: 50273

720.00 GBP

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