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Document books

Pay Books, Training Manuals, Officers Note books, various others. With various translations of soldiers Names, Addresses and various other information. Great personal effects. If interested please get in touch for more details and prices for individual docs, prices vary from £35 to £65, please not some items could be sold.

Code: 50293


Documents Bag

Imperial Japanese Army Soldiers Documents Bag, used to keep Identification and training Documents safe.

Code: 50292

35.00 GBP

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Documents Bag

Imperial Japanese Army Documents Bag, used to keep Identification and training Documents safe.

Code: 50291

35.00 GBP

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Morse code Telegraph

Imperial Japanese Forces, plug in Telegraph morse code

Code: 50290

175.00 GBP

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Sword Bag

Hand made silk sword bag for Tanto, too small for wakizashi, high quality lovely item New.

Code: 50289

60.00 GBP

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Mess Tin

Imperial Japanese Forces Mess tin, cooking pot, Hango. This is the unusual one believed to be issued to the Naval Landing force troops Enlisted man. Seen several of these marked Navy in kanji, Also known as type 92.

Code: 50288

95.00 GBP

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Grenade type 99

Imperial Japanese Forces, Type 99 Hand and Rifle Grenade. Known by the Allied forces as the "Kiska Grenade" after the Island it was first captured on.
Has be restored to original spec, has Arsenal marks and date of manufacture, inspection stamps.
really lovely rare piece, completely safe and deactivated, certificate not required.

Code: 50287


NCO Sword Knot/tassel

Imperial Japanese Army NCO knot/Sword Tassel leather for the early brass swords with buckle. This is not an original but a good quality copy difficult to tell.

Code: 50285

145.00 GBP

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Sword Tassel Army Oficer

Imperial Japanese Army Officers Sword Knot/Tassel for Field Officer, the Rank of Major to full Colonel. In A1 condition overall some minor frays where attached to sarute, but good and strong, WW2 short issue getting very hard to Find in this condition.

Code: 50286

395.00 GBP

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Type 90 Helmet

Imperial Japanese Army type 90 (model 32) combat Helmet used prior and throughout WW2. These Helmets are becoming rare to find in original condition.
This one has the canvas liner late war even rarer, has a replacement strap but is accompanied by the remainder of the original. The lettering would be the size of the helmet and regiment and name of soldier.

Code: 50284


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