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The Kamikazes, the incredible story of Japan's most desperate wartime gamble by Edwin P. Hoyt. Paperback book with some illustrations

Code: 50473

7.50 GBP

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Imperial Japanese NCO Enlisted Mans Type 30 Bayonet for the Arisaka Rifle.
This is the Early version has the Koishikawa Arsenal Tokyo stamp and looks to be an inspection stamp above which dates the Bayonet to 1870 - 1935 which is the old factory version. Scabbard also has different fittings from later versions.

Code: 50472

200.00 GBP

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Battle Fan

Japanese Samurai Battle Fan, Bamboo and lacquered paper, also known as a Gunsen or sensu, the metal version being known as a Tenssen, all in skilled hands could be used as a weapon or just keeping cool.

Code: 50471

275.00 GBP

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Sword Tsuka (handle) Cover

Imperial Japanese Army Shin-Gunto Tsuka (Handle) leather cover, from the property of a Major General 35th Jidaimono in good used condition, named inside.
Leather has been treated to help life.

Code: 50470

95.00 GBP

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Book of Songs

Dainoppon - Imperial Japanese Army songs Masterpiece collection, Military cabaret lyrics card collection. Hiroshima Prince.

Code: 50469

45.00 GBP

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Imperial Japanese Army Enlisted mans personnel documents and certificates, contained in s marked sleeve.

Code: 50468

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Fire Chop sticks

Rosso War - Japanese War Memorial Fire chopsticks in presentation box 22.5cm x 3.5cm x 1.7cm.

Code: 50467

85.00 GBP

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Imperial Japanese Army portable Candle Lamp.
In great used condition, fully working with fitted candle.
Real Rare item in the UK.

Code: 50466

295.00 GBP

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War celebration Flag - Hurray of the Empire celebration of the Imperial Army - Used to commemorate victory after a Battle, mainly in China conflicts.
Nice original piece to complete that flag collection.

Code: 50465

195.00 GBP

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Military swords of Japan 1868 - 1945 by Richard Fuller and Ron Gregory. Hard back version, good condition becoming rare and expensive. Great reference book for all collectors.

Code: 50464

55.00 GBP

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