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Sword Stand

High Quality Solid Oak Double sword stand, very strong and sturdy.

Code: 50318

300.00 GBP

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Sword Tassel Army Officer

Imperial Japanese Army Dress Sword Tassel/knot for Field Officer Rank - Major to Colonel.
Some minor damage but overall in good condition, a very rare Tassel.

Code: 50317

200.00 GBP

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Chief Petty officers cap badge

Imperial Japanese Navy Chief Petty Officers Hat/Cap Badge.

Code: 50054

80.00 GBP

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Nambu Holster

Imperial Japanese Army Pistol Holster in Leather for the Nambu Type 14, brass fittings clean and great condition.

Code: 50316

340.00 GBP

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Book Kempeitai

Kempeitai - Japan's Dreaded Military Police by Raymond Lamont-Brown, in hard back edition.
The story behind the secrets and actions of the Kempeitai in Wartime, even the Japanese were fearful of them. All you ever wanted to know in one book.

Code: 50315


Mine Proficiency Badge

Imperial Japanese Navy Officers Mine Proficiency Badge 1919/1929-1946, Awarded to Commanders of mine operation units 1st class. Rare chance to own one of these, most at the bottom of the Ocean.

Code: 50314

900.00 GBP

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Aviation Mechanic's Fob

Imperial Japanese Aviation Mechanic's Qualification fob/badge, another rare item.

Code: 50313

180.00 GBP

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Pilots Graduation Badge

Imperial Japanese Pilots Graduation Badge for NCO.
Established in Taisho 1923 there were two classes, Silver for Officers and Bronze for Non-Commissioned Officers. Officers Silver was abolished in 1940 but the NCOs continued till end of War in 1945.
Size is 37.5x51.6mm, also has pilots name etched on back and training facility. Late war version made from silver and bronze originals very rare.

Code: 50312

900.00 GBP

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Kamikaze Book

Kamikaze - Japan's suicide samurai, paper back book by Raymond Lamont-Brown

Code: 50311

5.00 GBP

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Military Swords of JAPAN 1868-1945

Military Swords of Japan 1868-1945 by Richard Fuller and Ron Gregory in hard back version, in good complete condition.
All military sword collectors essential book for info.

Code: 50310

50.00 GBP

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